Quick, Easy Mental Health Help

Do you want to improve your mental health, but you struggle to find the motivation to do it? Here are 10 activities that can improve your mental health and only require a minute of your time each day.

  1. Go outside – Let that vitamin D sink into your skin a bit.
  2. Think of 3 things you’re grateful for – Tip: set a daily alarm for this! 
  3. Add one fruit or vegetable to your meal – A little extra nutrition can make a notable difference in how you feel. 
  4. Follow uplifting social media accounts – And maybe unfollow the ones that bring you down.
  5. Take deep, slow breaths – Set a timer for one minute and notice how you feel after.
  6. Stretch – You may be a few neck rolls away from feeling relaxed.
  7. Text a friend – Especially if you’ve been isolating, feeling connected is important.
  8. Drink an extra glass of water – If you have a dull headache right now, definitely give this one a try.
  9. Watch a funny video – Go find that hilarious meme you’ve forgotten about.
  10. Read a daily affirmation – This can help you maintain a positive headspace. There are tons of affirmation apps you can try, or you can purchase some cards to keep around your house.

Small changes are more likely to turn into long-term habits than big changes, so start with what sounds easiest and make one little change at a time. Once you get the ball rolling, your motivation is more likely to follow

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