Ideas for Energy

Do you feel tired more often than you’d like? Read through these suggestions to see if there’s anything you can tweak in your routine to give you an extra daily boost:

  1. Sleep. You’re telling me you need 8 hours of my time each day? What are you, my job?
    Consider if your sleep hygiene could benefit from trying one of these:
  2. Having a consistent bedtime and waketime.
  3. Keeping the bedroom dark and cool.
  4. Using a white noise machine.
  5. Taking a warm shower before bed.
  6. Doing a relaxing activity when you have trouble sleeping.
  7. Morning Routine. Sleep is important, but did you know the way you start your day has a considerable impact on your energy levels too? This list is inspired by Dr. Mike Hansen, who specializes in energy:
  8. Get sunlight as soon as possible. Even just a few minutes can make a difference.
  9. Get some movement. Maybe a walk outside so you get the sunlight too. Again, even just a few minutes can make a noticeable difference.
  10. Eat breakfast, even if it’s something small. Aim for whole foods and avoid processed or sugary meals.
  11. More water, less caffeine (and alcohol). When you wake up, you’re naturally dehydrated from sleeping. Starting your day with a glass of water is overall the best liquid choice for your energy levels. Drinks like coffee can potentially cause you to crash later in the day or disrupt your sleep.
  12. Your Phone. Unfortunately, your lovely device can be an energy sucker. Here are the most important times to avoid checking your phone:
  13. While doing tasks. To call myself out, while writing this blog I’ve scrolled through TikTok about 5 times. It’s hard to not reach for that stimulation when you get bored! Though, it does take energy to mentally switch from doing a task to checking your phone to doing your task again. The more you can avoid task-switching, the more energy you’ll likely conserve.
  14. Before bed and in the middle of the night. Not only can looking at a screen have an effect on your ability to sleep, but the content you see on your phone may keep your mental mind more active than you’d like it to be.
  15. Quick fixes for emergency energy.
  16. Nisha Vora, known for her vegan meal tutorials, put together a great video on how she maintains her energy. She mentions that she takes a cold shower whenever all else fails. There are various benefits to taking cold showers. They may be uncomfortable, but they can work!
  17. Breathwork can be powerful. Taking a few minutes to do energy-boosting breathing techniques can provide you with a natural lift to get through your day.
  18. Reflect on what energizes you. Ask yourself which activities light you up. Any activity is fair game, as long as it doesn’t cause harm. For me, it’s singing, dancing, and social connection. Think of something that excites you and add it to your schedule more often.

Small changes are generally the key to implementing long-term habits, so start by trying one thing from this list and see how you feel!

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