Fall Self-Care Ideas

The hottest days of the year are officially behind us and we’re getting ready for the leaves to change and the Halloween decorations to come out (if they haven’t already!). Whether you’ve been counting down the days until you can pull out your flannel and jeans or you’ve been dreading the colder temperatures, you can create an enjoyable and memorable season for yourself with a bit of self-care. Here are a few fall-themed ideas that can improve your mental health while building excitement for the months to come:

  • Exploring Nature: Going on a hike or simply taking a walk in a location where you can find some trees is a great way to get some movement and fresh air. This is especially fun when the leaves are changing and you can experience the beauty of the different colored leaves. It’s highly encouraged to connect to your inner child and feel the satisfaction of crunching the leaves and maybe even jumping into a pile of them!
  • Halloween prep: It’ll be October 31st before we know it, so get a head start on preparation! Set aside some time for a fun Halloween project, whether it’s putting together your costume, hanging up some decorations, or carving a pumpkin to get into the spooky spirit. These activities all provide the opportunity to switch up your routine and tap into your creative side, lowering your stress and boosting your mood.
  • Fall cleaning: Usually Spring is the time of year associated with cleaning, but every season provides an opportunity for a fresh start! Feel free to open the windows and let in the crisp air as you tidy up your space. Consider donating any clothes or miscellaneous objects that you no longer need and cleaning up any areas of the house that have been neglected. An organized space leads to an organized mind!
  • Social media break:Social media breaks are always encouraged at any time of the year. Even a few days off of social media can lower feelings of anxiety and depression, especially if you find yourself doing a lot of comparing to those you follow. When you take time away from social media, you give time to yourself, your loved ones, and your life.
  • Make a hot drink: A simple act of self-care is making yourself a nice hot drink of choice to sip on, especially on a colder day. This can be anything from hot chocolate to apple cider to a latte. The warmth of the drink can be both comforting and relaxing, all while getting you in the mood for the season!
  • Make a short-term bucket list: Since we’re creeping towards 2023 (Ah!), consider creating a list of activities or items you want to get done before the end of the year. A list can keep you organized and increase the likelihood of those tasks getting done in time. When you’ve done this, make sure the list is put somewhere you’ll see it regularly so you don’t forget!

A little self-care can go a long way to improve the way you feel and how you show up in the world. Fall-themed self-care can add another layer of entertainment to the mix, especially when you can convince a loved one to join you in all the fun!

Have yourself a cozy, rejuvenating fall!

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