Solution Troubled Teens: DBT Therapy May Be the Answer

Being a teen is not easy. In fact, experiencing adolescence has become more complicated and difficult than ever. Troubled teens feel stressed and isolated due to the pandemic, deal with excessive screen time, and face false perceptions that they’re the only ones struggling. Unfortunately, research is showing that an increasing number of adolescents are reporting poor mental health, self-harm, and suicidal ideation. If you know a teen who’s struggling, they’re certainly not alone. 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) can be an effective solution for troubled teens facing emotional and behavioral challenges, especially if they’re not seeing progress with traditional talk therapy. DBT strongly emphasizes implementing practical, long-lasting skills for a better life. Click here to learn more about DBT, how it differs from other forms of therapy, and whether it’s right for your child.

DBT Therapy may be the solution for troubled teens  

  • DBT focuses on factors that are especially relevant during adolescence: managing stress, emotions, and relationships.  
  • DBT targets impulsivity/ risky decision-making, which teens are especially at risk for. 
  • DBT skills are concrete and applicable to everyday life, making them easy for teens to utilize. 
  • DBT involves group support, which can aid in feelings of loneliness/ isolation.  
  • DBT understands that the family plays a crucial role in the teen’s well-being. Adolescent DBT involves family members in skills groups, enhancing family communication and understanding.

The teenage years are a time of development when there’s an openness and higher receptivity to new information. It’s a prime time to develop healthy coping skills. The habits they develop now matter. 

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